"How was I going to make my way through the maze of so many choices of camps? Elaine asked incisive, pertinent questions about my son, was generous with her time and quite reassuring. We ended up visiting three camps that she had helped us select and it became very clear upon visiting which was the best fit. My son attended for six years as a camper, went back as a counselor and made friends that he will have for a lifetime, both with other campers and with counselors. I can't thank Elaine enough for opening us up to an experience that has so enriched my son's life."
April Lane Benson, Ph.D
New York City
"Elaine Vipler and SummerScope have been extremely helpful to our family in selecting the right camps for our daughter. When Emily began camp at age 10, Elaine had the sensitive manner and professional skills to ask the right questions and help us to pick the perfect place for a first time camp experience. When our daughter got a little older, she helped us find a teen program that suited Emily's interests and personality. In each instance, Elaine gave us several programs to look at, was intensely familiar with every program and helped us to make the right choice. I can't think of a better person to help parents pick the right summer program for their child."
Barbara Scaros
Katonah, NY
"Elaine Vipler is well versed in the needs of a child both as a mother and a teacher. She is a dedicated professional who has taken the time to visit the programs she recommends and therefore is able to get the best match for your child. I highly recommend her services to you as she has found the perfect day camp and sleepaway camp for my son."
Carol Litt
New York City
"I want to thank you for your help over the years when we were looking for private schools and subsequently for camps. We were able to turn to you for information, recommendations and most importantly insight into the personalities of the schools and camps we were considering. To know what area most campers came from was instrumental in finding appropriate camps for Jodi and Adam. Our discussion regarding the strengths, weaknesses and focuses of the various independent schools was invaluable. I would be happy to respond to the inquires of your clients."
Ron Rapchick
Brooklyn, N.Y.
"Elaine has always been helpful! She found the right camp for my daughter and the perfect adventure camping program for my son. I continue to call her for suggestions."
Diane Landau
New York City
And some general comments from parents who have used our service:

"As a parent I felt my child's interests and personality were well matched to the recommended camps."

"I found SummerScope a very helpful service. It simplified the process of finding an appropriate camp. I have recommended it to many people."

"You were most helpful and patient in describing the various programs to me. Many thanks!"

"Your recommendations were most suitable."

Some comments from teenagers:

"I found that you were considerate and understanding of my feelings about camp."

"You found a program that suited me perfectly."

"You advised me of a great program."

"You told me about programs that I would not have found on my own."