SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
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Elaine Vipler, M.S. Ed.SummerScope is a free summer program advisory service established in 1984 by Elaine Vipler, a mother and teacher who discovered a need for this kind of assistance when she was searching for a camp for her young daughter.

"It was a difficult, time-consuming and confusing task," remembers Elaine, "I began by visiting camps and interviewing directors - this was the beginning of SummerScope."

With over 20 years experience of dealing with camp and program directors, Elaine Vipler continues to regularly visit camps to remain well-informed and keep abreast of all the latest developments. She is well known by the camp and summer program community.

Says Elaine, "My aim is to help families find a safe, fun-filled and enriching summer experience for their children. At SummerScope we take the guess work out of finding the most appropriate camp for your child."

Over the years, Elaine has been interviewed on television and radio and has been featured in several newspapers including the New York Times and the New York Post. As a summer program consultant/advisor, she has given presentations to parent groups, schools, community organizations and business organizations on how to go about choosing camps, teen programs and schools.

Elaine also operates SCOPE, a service that offers assistance in choosing schools in New York City (pre-kindergarden through to High School). For a reasonable fee, she provides guidance in all stages of school selection.

SummerScope is also a member of the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce.


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