SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
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Academic programs:

High School Students
Academic programs
Are you a high school student who would like to experience college living and learning before you attend college?

Summer academic programs are available at prep schools, colleges and universities in the US and abroad. You will live in a dorm, chose from a wide variety of enrichment classes and/or take courses for credit as well as participate in recreational activities.

Many programs offer SAT prep and college prep courses that will teach you how to improve your essay writing and interviewing skills, as well as help you with other college-related matters.

The programs may also conduct college visits where you can get a first hand sense of a particular school. This is a great opportunity for a college-bound high school student to get ready for college and get a taste of college life.

Middle School Students
Are you a middle school student who would like to improve in a particular subject, take exciting enrichment classes and participate in recreational and athletic activities? If so, we have great programs for you too!

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