SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service SummerScope FREE Camp Referral Service
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Having worked in the camps and summer programs industry for over 20 years, Elaine Vipler can offer parents a wealth of knowledge and good advice. Here are some tips!

  • Before looking for a camp or teen program, make sure you sit down with your child and discuss his/her interests and needs. This way, you can be more focused in your search for programs.
  • Try to visit camps the summer before you send your child will be going. That way, you will get a better sense of the camp, the staff, the program and the types of children who attend.
  • Take notes when visiting a camp or watch a video. Its like looking at houses – you will forget more as you look at more
  • Start early. Begin gathering information in the fall to minimize stress and maximize options.
  • Make sure the camp/program you chose is the best for your child – not what is best for you! you may be an athletic person with an artistic child. A competitive sports camp will not make your child a better athlete or raise his/her self-esteem. However, an art-oriented environment will cultivate their talent and make them feel good about themselves.
  • If your child is a first time camper then make sure he/she is used to sleepovers. Staying overnight at a friend’s house is good preparation.
  • Don’t send your child to the same camp a friend went to, unless it meets your child’s needs.
  • You may have the option of sending your child on a bus or taking your child to camp. Keep in mind that friendships begin on that bus ride to camp.
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