Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose SummerScope?

SummerScope has helped families choose appropriate summer camps and teen programs since 1984. Sorting through the many summer options can be confusing, frustrating and very time-consuming. SummerScope will make recommendations based on your child's personality, needs and interests.

How does SummerScope work?

  • Call SummerScope or fill out the online questionnaire.
  • SummerScope will contact you to gather information regarding your child's needs and interests and your preferences.
  • Appropriate recommendations will be made.
  • Your family will be sent a brochure and a dvd or video for each recommendation.
  • There will be continual contact between you and SummerScope as needed until a camp or program selection is made.

* Please let us know when you have made a choice. SummerScope is compensated by the program directors when a child goes through SummerScope. This enables us to provide our referral service FREE to you.

How will I benefit from working with SummerScope?

You will learn all about age-appropriate summer programs and we will help you clarify your child's needs and interests, as well as your priorities so you can select the best program for your child.

If you have any additional questions that have not been answered here, then please contact us at 212-534-6531 or .